This is the blog for European YCW, helping each national movement of the YCW keep in touch with one another.
Voici le blog pour la JOC europeenne, afin d'aider chaque mouvement national a rester en contact avec les autres.


News of MovementsPosted by Chantelle Vella Wed, October 20, 2010 14:52:14

ZHNmalta yesterday launched its new logo and gave ZHN a new image :D. During the past months Jean Claude Vancell worked closely with ZHN's executive to brand the movement. Yesterday Jean Claude gave a presentation on how the new tools can been used. Below you can find the new logo :D



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YCW Welcomes Pope Benedict to the UK!

News of MovementsPosted by Emma Stradling Thu, September 16, 2010 21:55:29
The YCW is delighted to welcome the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI to our country as he begins today the first ever state visit of a pontiff to the UK.

Representatives of our movement from across England and Wales will be gathering in London this weekend to attend the papal Mass being celebrated at Westminster Cathedral and the Vigil of Prayer at Hyde Park.

Those attending are full of anticipation and excitement as they look forward to being in the presence of the Holy Father and listening to his message.

Emma Stradling, YCW National President, said of the visit, ‘We hope that through the message that the Pope brings, young people across the country may come to realise their true dignity and worth and their valued place within the Church’.

The papal visit comes as the new YCW European campaign, ‘Young People Stand up for Dignity’ begins to build momentum. Emma continued, ‘In many of his writings, Pope Benedict has stressed the importance of human dignity. This, therefore, should give the isolated young people of our society the courage to stand up and ensure that their voices are heard’.

Chris Pinchbeck, a member of a local group in Filey, will have the honour representing all of the YCW’s from across the UK as he takes up a very special position on the steps of Westminster Cathedral to welcome the Pope as he leaves the cathedral, ready to greet the crowds of young people assembled in piazza. We wish all of those who are attending the papal events a blessed and fruitful experience.

The full report of the YCW’s involvement in the papal visit will follow shortly...

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Celebration of 75 years of YCW in Portugal

News of MovementsPosted by Inês Moreira Wed, April 14, 2010 18:25:15

We want to give you some news about YCW in Portugal.
This is a special year for us! We celebrate 75 years of the beginning of YCM in Portugal and 65 years of our magazine. At May 23rd we will have a great meeting to celebrate these important historical marks.
We would like to invite all of you to come and enjoy this day with us. It will be at Santa Maria da Feira, near Oporto.
Kind regards

JOC de Portugal.

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3...2...1... On lance une nouvelle campagne en France

News of MovementsPosted by Laetitia Tue, April 13, 2010 12:45:01
Bonjour à tous ...

Suite à notre belle rencontre en Espagne, la JOC de France a présenté lors de ce dernier Conseil d'Administration la dynamique européenne retenue pour notre campagne européenne sur la dignité !
Dans moins d'un mois, ce sont toutes les fédérations nationales qui se retrouveront pour choisir le thème et la durée de la campagne française !
Le 1er mai, à Paris, les jeunes de l'Ile de France défileront au sein de la manifestation nationale... portant leurs revendications et des paroles sur la dignité des jeunes travailleurs !

En tout cas ici, c'est bien parti :)
Et chez vous ??


In the following of our beautiful meeting in Spain, YCW France presented at his last administrative council, the European dynamism retained for our European campain on dignity!
In one month, we have our national council with all YCW France's federations. There, we will choose the topic and the duration of the French campain !
On May, the 1st, in Paris, young people of YCW Ile de France will ravel within the national demonstration… carrying their claims and some words about the dignity of the young workers!

In any case here, it's carrying on :)

And you ??

See you !


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2 mai 2009 : La JOC de France réunit 25000 jeunes

News of MovementsPosted by Florian Fri, July 17, 2009 12:38:48
Le 2 mai 2009, la JOC de France a organisé l'événement " La jeunesse [ça] se cultive" avec 25000 jeunes, près de Paris. Il faisait partie de sa campagne de deux ans pour l'accès des jeunes à la culture et aux loisirs.
Au programme: concerts, ateliers, débats, jeux...

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National Campaign

News of MovementsPosted by Danny Fri, July 17, 2009 12:19:19

In England and Wales we have launched a new photo driven postcard campaign. This is part of our 'Get Fair' campaign, in partnership with other organisations, to help eradicate poverty in the UK by 2020.

Young people in England and Wales are using the postcards to send to politicians, church leaders and their friends. See and

En Angleterre et aux Pays-de-Galles, nous avons lancé une nouvelle campagne de cartes de postales. C'est une partie de notre campagne "Get Fair" (Être juste), en partenariat avec d'autres organisations. Elle doit favoriser l'éradication de la pauvreté au Royaume-uni d'ici 2020.

Les jeunes Anglais et Gallois envoient ces cartes postales aux hommes politiques, aux responsables religieux et à leurs amis. Lire : et

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